You and your prospect are well-aligned and things are going smoothly. You’ve got a great feeling about closing this deal – what could go wrong? Well…

We know there are secrets to success at every stage of the sales cycle and negotiating and closing are certainly no exception. In fact, these key segments of the sales process demand the art + science of sales to work in harmony to positively impact your bottom line and to cultivate productive, long-lasting relationships.

For the first time ever, Jeff Hoffman’s negotiating and closing techniques, trusted by thousands of corporate sales teams, will be taught in our one-day Hammer it Closed™ public workshop series.

The Hammer It Closed® sales training will show you how to:

  • Use the rules of commitment, consistency, to initiate the negotiation process
  • Transfer activity ownership from your shoulders to that of the prospect’s
  • Close for the opportunity coach, sponsor and champion
  • Effectively leverage demos, trials, and discounts in your sales process
  • Create a formal negotiation strategy and framework
  • Identify buying signals at the closing table
  • Use proven objection-handling strategies
  • Distinguish yourself from your competition
  • Navigate procurement

Who Should Attend?

Ideal for Sales Teams and Individuals focused on Direct Sales, National Accounts and Sales Managers.

Graduates of this program will learn to assess opportunities to create formal, yet flexible negotiation strategies. They’ll also gain the skills necessary to recognize buying signals throughout the sales process for improved bottom line results.

Our Cost

$595.00 per attendee. Cost includes attendance, course materials and lunch.

Thinking of sending your team?  Reach out to CeCe Bazar Aparo, for discount rates and additional information.